Tandem Buddy Bike

The Buddy Bike is a tandem bicycle that gives riders with various abilities the opportunity to ride a bike! With the Buddy Bike, riders can get the hang of being on a bike safely and supportively, and it’s a great way to start to teach bike riding to people of all ages. The Buddy Bike features rear-seat steering, and is a great option for families with small children who want to ride in front, riders with disabilities who may not be able to ride safely on their own, or for beginners who want to gain riding skills and confidence in a safer way.

Combined rider weight limit: 380 lb

Rider height limit: No height limit, but the rear rider (the steerer) should be as tall or taller than the front rider.

Dimensions: 83″ x 31.5″ x 45″

A red tandem bicycle with the words "family" and "buddy bike" on the frame. The seat in the front is shorter than the seat in the back and both riders can hold handlebars.
Two riders on the Buddy Bike, with the rider in back taller than the rider in the front.

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