2 people on a tandem tricycle, two people on a wheelchair tandem, and 3 people on their own single trikes riding on a bike path with trees in the background

Equipment Rentals

All Out Adventures offers individuals and caregivers the opportunity to rent our equipment for personal use. You can rent our equipment independently or with family and friends, and take it out for a day, weekend, or week at a time!

Through our sliding scale pricing, we are able to offer more affordable prices to people in our community with lower wealth, and ensure a larger number of people have access to outdoor recreation!

Contact us to schedule your rental!

Currently, we can schedule rental pick up and drop off on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9am - 4pm.


Stay tuned!  We'll be adding more equipment to our rental inventory over time!

Sliding Scale Pricing


To make our rental services available to a wider range of our community members, we offer a sliding scale pricing system. 

Use our guide below to decide which rate best fits your financial situation:


Sustainer Rate:

Choose this price if you have an individual income over $100k or family income over $250k, you own a home, have significant expendable income (you can afford new clothes or a vacation easily), or benefit from generational wealth. 

Your payment helps us provide rentals for 3 people at the subsidized rate


Supporter Rate: 

Choose this price if you have an individual income over $75k or family income over $100k, you own a home or are close to fully paying off a home, you have a decent amount of expendable income (you can afford new clothes or a vacation sometimes), or benefit from generational wealth.

Your payment helps us provide rentals for 2+ people at the subsidized rate!


Breakeven Rate:

This rate allows us to keep offering rentals – nothing more, nothing less! Choose this price if you have any income level or financial situation.


Subsidized Rate:

Choose this price if you have a fixed income or income below $20k, you live in subsidized housing or spend more than 1/3 of your monthly income on rent, and have little to no income to spend on anything other than basic necessities.  You may also wish to choose this rate if you have significant long term medical or caregiving expenses.


Anura Greenspeed Trike (Single or Tandem)

The Anura Greenspeed features a higher, more upright seating position and responsive steering. The Anura Greenspeed can be rented on its own, or you can rent 2 and link them together to create a tandem trike! Rider weight limit: 300 lb Rider height range: Approximately 5’3″ – 6’5″ Dimensions: 70″ x 25″ x 27.5″ (See…

Image shows a small red trike with one wheel in the front and 2 behind

Triton TR-001R Small Trike

The Triton is perfect for people with smaller bodies, including children, to have the experience of cycling. Ride in comfort and style on this cruiser! Rider weight limit: 220 lb Rider height range: Approximately 3’8″ – 5’2″ Dimensions: 39.5″ x 26″ x 29″ Trike weight: 44 lb Rent this trike for a day, a weekend,…

Trident Trikes Titan

This trike features a higher rider weight limit than other trikes (400 lb) as well as the ability to fold down for easier transport! Dimensions (Unfolded): 75″ x 38″ x 28″ Dimensions (Folded): 41″ x 36″ x 26″ Rider weight limit: 400 lb Rider height range: Approximately 4’11” – 6’7″ Trike weight: 43.8 lb Rent…

Hand Cycles

Intrepid Tourer Hand Cycle

This 21-speed hand cycle allows riders to propel themselves forward with their upper body, and the low seat of this cycle gives riders even more power to push from. Rider weight limit: 240 lb Rider height range: Approximately 5’0″ – 6’5″ Dimensions: 76″ x 23″ x 34″ (back wheels can detach for transport) Cycle weight:…

Freedom Ryder Hand Cycle

The Freedom Ryder is a 21-speed hand cycle with an upright seat and adjustable frame to fit riders of many sizes. This cycle is designed for speed and uses lean-steering, meaning riders should have some core strength to be able to lean their body to turn the cycle. Rider weight limit: 250 lb Rider height…

Top End Excelarator Hand Cycle

This hand cycle features an upright seat for added back support, a higher weight limit, and higher ground clearance than other hand cycles. With the Mountain Drive feature, riders can add seven lower gears with the push of a button for smooth riding. Plus, the back wheels detach without any tools for easier transport. Rider…


*Electric Assist* Hase Pino Semi-Recumbent Tandem

As a tandem, electric, semi-recumbent bike, the PINO offers a comfortable and exhilarating ride! The low center of gravity from the shorter wheelbase in the front offers stability, and the steering is agile and smooth. Plus, the close positions of the recumbent seat and the saddle allow for more of a sense of shared experience than other…

Cannondale Bent I Recumbent Bicycle

This bike is a great option for someone who prefers riding a two-wheel bike and would benefit from extra support around the back and neck! The Cannondale Bent I model has 24 speeds, Shimano brakes, and a cushioned seat and backrest. Rider weight limit: 275 lb Dimensions: 68″ x 24″ x 44″ (seat can detach…

Wheelchairs, Wheelchair Bikes, and Walkers

*Electric* VeloPlus Wheelchair Bike

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike is designed for transporting people, who can remain seated in their own wheelchair, by cycle. The passenger in front is not required to be transferred out of their wheelchair to enjoy a ride on the VeloPlus! The platform tilts down into a ramp to make it easier to roll the…

The Duet – Wheelchair Bike Tandem

The Duet allows wheelchair users and people with limited mobility to experience the feeling of being on a bicycle! The rider in the back pedals, steers, and brakes the bike, while the rider in front sits in a secured chair and enjoys the ride! The 2 wheelchair wheels in the front with the additional third…

TerraTrek All-Terrain Wheelchair

The TerraTrek All-Terrain Wheelchair allows wheelchair uses to explore uncharted territory on a variety of outdoor terrain. You can join family and friends on adventures on the trails in this rugged chair, or take a solo venture! We have 2 chairs available: one for children or smaller users, and one for adults or larger users.…

Trionic Veloped – All-Terrain Walker

The Trionic Veloped is a Rollator that allows users to walk on gravel, grass, wooded trails, the beach, city streets, and many other types of terrain! The 4-wheeled design offers stability on off-road walks and opens up the world of what is possible. The patented front climbing wheel makes hiking more possible than with a…

Bike Trailers

Adams Trail-A-Bike

The Trail-A-Bike makes family rides fun and engaging for all! The trailer easily hitches to the back of an upright bicycle and safely secures a child or smaller rider in the rear seat. The low center of gravity offers more stability to the riders in front and back, and riders in the back can hold…

Weehoo TURBO Bike Trailer

On this bike trailer, children or people with smaller bodies have the chance to pedal and join in on cycling adventures! This is a great way to make riders excited about biking and introduce concepts like pedaling and wearing a helmet. Riders are safely secured in the back with a 3 point harness, pedals with…