Our Programs

With a combination of specialized equipment and trained staff, our programs are designed to encourage people of all abilities to enjoy the outdoors together together. We provide opportunities to develop skills and share outdoor experiences in every season. Activities include: kayaking, canoeing, cycling, camping, and hiking. In winter we offer xc skiing, sit xc skiing, ice skating, sled skating, and snowshoeing.

Our programs are open to people of all ages and all abilities.  We have programs geared for people disabilities and their family and friends, programs for seniors, and programs for veterans. See information about specific programs for eligibility.

Some of the disabilities represented at our programs include: age-related disabilities, amputee, autism, brain injury (acquired or traumatic), visual impairments, hearing impairments, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, developmental disabilities, and psychiatric disabilities. The majority of our participants are adults; however, children participate in our programs frequently.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about accessibility or for more information by calling us at 413-584-2052 or emailing us at info@alloutadventures.org.

Every participant in our programs, including family members and personal care assistants, will need to fill out a liability waiver.  Please download the form above and bring your completed form to the program. You just need to fill out the form one time per calendar year.

Program Schedule

December 2018

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • CANCELLED SHIP Hiking at Mt. Tom
  • SHIP Skating, Fitzpatrick Ice Skating Rink
  • SHIP Skating, Fitzpatrick Ice Skating Rink

Program Fees

Universal Access Program (UAP)

There is no fee for participation in Winter programs.

For summer, our fee structure is as follows:

UAP Cycling (Fridays in Hadley), $3 per program.

UAP Paddling (Canoeing and Kayaking), $5 per program.

Or you can purchase the AOA Summer Pass for $35 for the programs that AOA runs in collaboration with UAP. The AOA Summer Pass covers:

  • 1 UAP Cycling program (Fridays in Hadley) and 1 UAP paddling program per week for the summer season.
  • The pass will pay for itself in 5 cycling programs and 4 paddling programs.

Pay for UAP pass at program site or download the form and mail it in:

Senior Programs (60+)

Cycling, $5-15 sliding scale per session

Guided Kayaking or Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Lesson, $10 per session

Independent Kayaking or Stand-Up Paddle Board, $15

Independent Cycling Program

For those who have already attended one of our cycling programs and have been matched to a cycle. You can come and use a trike from our office in Northampton. Riders must be able to independently, or with the help of a companion, be able to follow safe riding rules of the trail.

Saturdays at AOA office in Northampton, $5 per session.

Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP)

$5/program, except camping trips

Note for all programs:
Each person with a disability can bring one caregiver at no charge. If a person with a disability needs two caregivers to participate, then that person can bring two caregivers at no charge.

We accept cash, check or credit cards.

Checks payable to:
All Out Adventures
214 State St.
Northampton, MA 01060


Adaptive Cycling

Senior Cycling

Many different styles of accessible cycles are available for use at our weekly cycling programs throughout the summer, including hand cycles, tandems, adult tricycles, and cycles offering more significant seating support. Participants are encouraged to come try several bikes to find the one that’s most comfortable, with support from our friendly staff and volunteers.

Cycling programs are generally held May through October (please refer to schedule for participation eligibility).

How do I sign up?

  • Take a look at the program schedule on our home page and call All Out Adventures at 413-584-2052 and reserve a cycle. You can reserve a cycle for one hour during the program time. A few of the cycles are available for more than one hour based on availability. Ask the office for assistance in picking one out.
  • Come to the program with your completed liability and medical waiver. Check in with the program staff. The staff will provide you with instruction and assistance. The Friday cycling fee is $3 for each cycle. A person with a disability may bring one guest at no charge.

Independent Cycling

Saturdays in Northampton:

Through October 20, 2018
11AM – 3PM

Meet our office located two blocks from the Northampton Rail Trail:
All Out Adventures office
214 State St
Northampton, MA 01060

Borrow an All Out Adventures cycle and ride on the Northampton Rail Trail! Our staff person will provide the cycle that you need and assist in fitting it to you. Otherwise, you will be on your own. To participate, you will need to independently or with the assistance of a companion:

  • Transfer on and off the cycle
  • Consistently follow the rules of trail (stay to the right, stop at all street crossings, and notify other trail users when passing)
  • Call the program cell phone in case of mechanical difficulty.
  • You can reserve a cycle for one to four hours based on availability.
  • Advance registration strongly recommended.


$20. Sliding scale starting at $5. Donations most welcome!

Your financial support - through donations, Valley Gives Day, and the Kayak-a-thon, - is allowing us to offer this program to people with disabilities and their family and friends, though we do not have any specific grant funding for it. Thank you!

What to bring:

Wear closed-toed shoes like sneakers. Bring a backpack with a water bottle, salty or sweet snack, and cell phone if you have one. Properly-fitted helmets required. We provide them or you are welcome to bring your own.


Please call or email All Out Adventures for more information and to register: 413-584-2052 or info@alloutadventures.org.

In case of inclement weather, call our office number before you leave home for a recorded message about program status.

Tandem Rover Ride

We have the following cycles available for Independent Cycling.  Please call us at 413.584.2052 a few days ahead of time to reserve your  cycle:

Single Recumbent Trikes

  • TerraTrike Rover
  • Catrike Villager
  • Catrike Pocket
  • Catrike Expedition
  • Catrike 5.5.9

Tandem Recumbent Trikes

  • TerraTrike Tandem Rover Dual Drive
  • TerraTrike Tandem Rover IPS
  • TerraTrike Tandem Pro

2-Wheel Tandem

Upright and Low style handcycles

Mondays in Hadley: Senior Cycling is over for the season. Please join us on Saturdays through October 20th for Independent Cycling. Otherwise we look forward to starting Senior Cycling again in the Spring of 2019. 

July 16 and 30;  August 13 and 27, 2018

Seniors (60+) are invited to join All Out Adventures for cycling. Whether you cycle regularly, are new to the sport, or getting back into it after a long absence, we have a a bike for you! We can accommodate riders of all abilities with stable recumbent tricycles, tandem cycles, hand-pedaled cycles and more.

New this year, we will offer a guided group ride experience on the Norwotttuck Rail Trail. We will still provide cycles for individuals to take out on their own as well.

OPTION 1: Group Ride 10:30AM-12PM

  • Join All Out Adventures staff for a guided group ride along the Norwottuck Rail Trail. This is a social, "no-drop" ride, meaning the group will stay together and nobody will be left behind.
  • Wheels roll at 10:30AM, so please arrive by 10:15 to sign in and get ready.
  • Ride approximately 7- 12 miles at 5-10MPH average.
  • This ride is for those who have cycled with us before and know which cycle works for them. You may also bring your own bike.
  • If it's been a while since your last ride or you are unsure of which cycle you'd like to use, it is best to start with OPTION 2 for the first week to have an AOA staff work with you individually to see which trike or bike will work best for you.

OPTION 2: Reserve a cycle and ride on your own. 10AM-11AM or 11AM-12PM
You can reserve a cycle for one hour during the program time and go riding on your own or with a friend. A few of the cycles may be reserved for more than one hour based on availability. An All Out Adventures staff person will help you get set up on the trike.

COST: $5-20 per program, sliding scale. Includes equipment. 

EQUIPMENT: Properly fitted helmets are required for all those participating in the All Out Adventures program. You can borrow one of ours.  LIMITED TRIKE AVAILABILITY. Please call ahead to pre-register. Please understand you will need to be flexible with which trike you use each week, so that we can accommodate those who would like to participate.

Please park in the parking lot next to The Quarters restaurant. Please park on the far side (west) of the parking lot on the opposite side of The Quarters Restaurant leaving plenty of parking for the customers of the restaurant.

Pre-registration required. Please call 413-584-2052 to reserve your spot or for more information.

Senior Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Senior Kayaking and SUP is over for the 2018 season. We look forward to beginning again in July 2019!

Seniors (60+) are invited to join All Out Adventures for Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddleboarding. We can accommodate brand new paddlers as well as those who are looking to be a part of a group and to improve their technique.  Our staff are American Canoe Association certified kayak instructors, and we look forward to an enjoyable outing with you!

New this year, we will seniors who have participated with us previously, or who have other relevant paddling experience, the opportunity to take our kayaks and stand-up paddleboards out independently. We'll still be at the dock, and we'll help you to put the boat or board in the water and get started.  See our program calendar for details.

COST: $10 per program. Includes equipment. 

This program is generously sponsored by Synergy Physical Therapy and Cooley Dickinson Rehab.

EQUIPMENT: Properly fitted pfd (lifejacket) is required of all program participants.  We supply them.  Limited availability of kayaks; please pre-register by calling us at 413.584.2052 to secure your spot!

We use the Northampton Community Rowing Facility on the Connecticut River in Northampton.  80 Damon Road is the closest gps address.  We'll have signs to mark your way, as you drive past River Run Condos, through Lane Construction, and then arrive at the river.  There is plenty of parking and an accessible porta-potty on site.

Pre-registration required. Please call 413-584-2052 to reserve your spot or for more information.

Funded by the Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP), these programs are open to people with a brain injury, their family and friends.

People with brain injuries and their family and friends are invited to join All Out Adventures for upcoming guided outdoor recreation programs including cycling and nature hiking.

Cycling is a great way for people with brain injuries to get exercise, socialize with others, and enjoy nature. We can accommodate riders of all abilities with stable recumbent trikes, tandem cycles including a wheelchair tandem, hand-pedaled cycles as well as traditional two-wheel bikes. Participants can opt to go on a guided group ride or take out a cycle on their own with a companion.

Nature Hikingparticipants of all abilities will be able to access and explore nature on our guided nature hikes. Our hiking program is accessible to those who use wheelchairs or have difficulty walking by using our all-terrain wheelchairs or recumbent trikes with mountain bike tires along accessible trails.

Kayaking is made accessible with the use of recreational kayaks of various designs, including tandem kayaks. They are adaptable to individual needs and can be made more comfortable and stable with the use of pontoons and various other modifications. The program takes place on the beautiful Highland Lake at DAR State Forest in Goshen, MA.

Call All Out Adventures for more information and to register at 413-584-2052. Or email us.

  • The following programs are open to people with brain injuries and their guests. No charge for programs EXCEPT cabin camping. Equipment provided, but you must pre-register.
  • Meeting times, locations and other details will be confirmed upon registration.

All program sites are wheelchair accessible. Call us for accessibility information.

Veterans and disabled members of the armed forces of all ages and abilities and their family and friends are invited to join All Out Adventures for our cycling program. Whether you're new to cycling, returning from a long absence, or already an expert, we have a wide variety of equipment that can be fitted to your needs. Come to the programs to get outside and enjoy the sun, fresh air and exercise!


Our cycling includes the use of stable recumbent tricycles, hand-powered cycles, tandem tricycles and bicycles, a wheelchair tandem, as well as traditional two-wheeled bikes with added back support. The bikes and trikes can be sized and adapted to individual needs. The cycling programs will take place at the VA hospital campus in Leeds, as well as nearby Look Park.

Contact and Registering

All program sites are wheelchair accessible and our staff are trained in biking instruction, as well as wilderness first aid and have extensive experience in backcountry/therapeutic recreation. At all our programs we offer supportive services such as choosing and adapting the best bike for your size and abilities; assistance with transfers; tandem cycling companion if needed; staff will lead small groups in riding.

There is no charge for any program! All the necessary equipment is provided (such as helmets), but we recommend you bring water, a snack/lunch, sunscreen and wear clothing appropriate for the weather and activity.

Space is limited at the programs, so we ask that you pre-register by calling our office at 413-584-2052. Specific equipment can be reserved ahead of time. You can also email us at info@alloutadventures.org

This program is funded by the Veterans Administration with support and cooperation from the VA in Leeds, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation's Universal Access Program, Look Park, and from donations from our participants.

October 2018 Cycling Schedule:
Look Park, 300 N. Main St., Florence, MA  11AM-3PM. 

Veterans Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddle Boarding is over for the 2018 season. We look forward to starting again in July 2019.