Are these programs for me?

Check out the essential eligibility criteria for attendance at our Universal Access Program events.  These apply to our SHIP (Statewide Head Injury) programs as well.  Our seniors and veterans programs may have different attendance criteria, and we invite you to reach out to us if you're unsure about attending a program!



Program Cancellation/Adjustments Policy

We will cancel or alter program plans for the following reasons:

    • Greater than 50% chance of thunderstorms or moderate to heavy rainfall during program time
    • Weather related advisory (heat, cold, etc.) during program time
    • Paddling programs:
      • If sustained winds are 12mph +
      • If river gauge in Montague City is above 17ft or - for Connecticut River programs
      • If the air and water temperature combined are less than 120 degrees
      • If water quality at our program location is unsafe for boating (we would still run a program if safe for boating but unsafe for swimming)
    • Winter Programs:
      • If the “feels like” temperature is below 10 degrees (for outdoor programs)
      • If there is a prediction of weather (snow, ice, etc.) that would make driving to and from the program potentially unsafe
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