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Recumbent Trike Sales and Service 413-270-1392

We specialize in helping people of all abilities to get out and ride!

Purchasing a recumbent trike from us is a win-win: you get our expertise with adapting and fitting trikes to people of all abilities, and the profits from your purchase will directly benefit the 180 free or low cost adaptive recreation programs we run each year throughout Massachusetts for people with disabilities, seniors, and Veterans.

Recumbent trikes offer a more neutral body position than a traditional bike and eliminate the need to balance the bike. Folks with neck, back, and wrist issues as well as those that have had a stroke, brain injury or other disability find these trikes to be a way to get exercise and gain freedom.

We offer high-quality accessories, components and solutions to adapt your trike to make riding possible for all.

We invite you to browse through the trikes that we typically stock and  to stop by our shop to make a purchase in person. We currently do not ship items from our store. Please email us with any questions at info@alloutadventures.org or give us a call at 413-270-1392.

November 1 - March 26 we are open by appointment only.

Appointments available Wednesday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm

We'll resume our regular open hours beginning March 27.

PLEASE contact us to let us know you're coming so we don't miss you!

For Wednesday - Saturday visits, please call us at 413-584-2052 or email us to make an appointment!  We don't want you to be disappointed if you arrive and we're not here.

297 Pleasant St., Northampton 01060

How do I transport my Trike?

Click here to learn about transportation options.

Basic Tuneup:  $80 (checking cables and brakes, light cleaning, basic adjustments)

Additional Labor for Repairs:  $80/hour


Speed and Sprocket Cycle Works

To help meet the demand for service and repairs, we have partnered with Speed and Sprocket Cycle Works, a mobile bike repair business, to work on our customers' trikes.  You can contact them and schedule a time for them to come to you (within the Connecticut River Valley).  Our labor rates are the same, and we will get them the parts needed for your trike.

We also offer tune-ups and service on TerraTrike, Catrike, and Trident Trikes recumbent trikes at our shop at 297 Pleasant Street, Northampton, MA 01060. Contact us to make an appointment to drop off.



Recumbent Trikes & Accessories 

 Catrike • TerraTrike • Trident Trike • ICE Trikes • Used/Consignment

Used: Alinker (size happy small) – $2,000

The Alinker is designed for how we want to live, regardless of mobility challenges — a non-motorized walking bike without pedals, with an adjustable saddle and handlebars. It is custom-designed to challenge society’s assumptions about disability. Reclaim your freedom with the Alinker walking bike. This Alinker was barely used and is in like new condition!

Used: Greenspeed GT 20 – $1,700

The GT20 is a leaner, meaner machine designed for a multitude of purposes. From grand touring or commuting, to brisk joy rides, the expertly engineered GT20 is a perfect three-wheeled adventure.

Used Trident Trikes Spike 2 – $850

Used (Consignment) Trident Trikes Spike II:  $850   Spike 2 is a good value, 24 speed, entry-level trike. Some notable features of Spike include Trident’s exclusive Aluminum Seat that adjusts for both height– 14 5/8 Inches (370mm) to 16 1/2 ” (420 mm) and angle (42-52 degrees), a Folding Chro- Moly Powder Coated Frame, an…

Used TerraTrike Tour 2

$1399.00 Check out this TerraTrike Tour 2! This trike is very clean and is in excellent condition. It features indirect steering which makes steering very fluid and easy. There are 24 gears. The shifters are bar-end style and the handlebars are vertical which offers a neutral shoulder and wrist riding position. The trike comes with…

ICE Trikes Full Fat – $6,767.70

ICE Trikes Full Fat – $6,767.70 An expedition-tough trike, originally designed for record-setting, the Full Fat combines durability, reliability and specialist features for conquering the most challenging terrain. Rough trails, sand, snow, and mud; if you pedal, it’ll take you there. A high cruciform and three 26” wheels gives excellent ground clearance over rugged terrain.…

ICE Trikes Sprint X – $7,016

ICE Trikes Sprint X – $7,016 The Sprint X with its practical sports performance and laid-back comfort is a versatile and capable trike. Built for sports touring, carving bends, pushing speed, or even commuting. With its sporty ride, agile handling, everyday folding practicality, comfort and lower height seating position, the Sprint X will guarantee you…

KMX K-3 Small Sports Trike – $549

KMX Small Sports Trike – $549.00 From KMX The K-3 is a great introduction to the exciting world of recumbent trike riding for children or people with smaller bodies. With its low center of gravity and excellent handling, the K-3 is bound to put a smile on everyone who rides it. The bucket-style seat provides…

Catrike Trail Recumbent Trike – $3,350

Catrike Trail – $3,350 IN STOCK NOW. At the heart of the Trail, there are features and design that makes this Catrike perfect for almost any rider. It is well designed and is thoughtfully equipped with top tier components to deliver worry-free performance. For comfort and portability, the Trail features a well-padded seat mounted to…

TerraTrike Rogue – $2,050

TerraTrike Rogue, $2050 In stock, available in City Blue color. Bring seamless comfort to your ride with the Rogue. Experience shifting the way you always thought it should be; changing gears at a complete stop, or under a full load with the Enviolo City internal hub. Riders will also find comfort in the recline and relax fixed wide seat, adjustable handlebars, and always comfortable TerraTrike linear…

Catrike 5.5.9 – $3,750

Catrike 5.5.9, $3750.00   IN STOCK NOW! Colors: green, blue, and orange. The Catrike 5.5.9 is a folding, comfortable, performance trike. The 5.5.9 is one of the most popular trikes at our cycling programs for Veterans and Seniors. The 5.5.9 features include an adjustable backrest and padded seat mesh. The rear drive wheel is 26″…

Catrike Pocket Recumbent Trike – $2,550

Catrike Pocket $2550  The Pocket is a compact space frame that offers all the features of our Expedition and 700 models. It is easy to maneuver while being manageable to transport with a smaller width and footprint creates a very efficient spirited ride. And like all other Catrikes, it comes equipped with a chainguard for…

Catrike Dumont – $4,950

Catrike Dumont $4,950 Catrike’s 16 years of engineering and experience have come together to create the Dumont. The rear suspension features a highly progressive travel path combined with a custom spring rate and sophisticated damping for a perfect balance of performance and comfort. The shock is actuated via a CNC machined swingarm pivoting on precision…