*Electric Assist* Hase Pino Semi-Recumbent Tandem

A red tandem bicycle. The front seat is recumbent and has a shorter wheel, the back seat is an upright bicycle seat and has a larger wheel. There is also an electric assist battery on a rear rack over the back wheel.

As a tandem, electric, semi-recumbent bike, the PINO offers a comfortable and exhilarating ride! The low center of gravity from the shorter wheelbase in the front offers stability, and the steering is agile and smooth. Plus, the close positions of the recumbent seat and the saddle allow for more of a sense of shared experience than other tandems! This bike is excellently crafted for many different types of riders.

Combined weight limit: 495 lb

Bike weight: 55 lb

Dimensions: 90″ x 48″ x 31″

Front view of the bike showing the recumbent front seat with back support
Back view of the bike showing the battery on the rear rack

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