Used – Yellow Penninger Voyager $450

Used (Consignment) Yellow Penninger Delta Voyager: $450

Adjustable seat back, comfy seat, mirror, heel support pedals, water bottle holder, luggage rack (rated to carry 150 pounds), independent seat and crank adjustment.

A well loved trike in good working condition. Durable and long lasting heavier trike that weighs approximately 53 pounds.

Delta style – two wheels in the back rather than the front. This means a tighter turning radius. The Voyager is controlled with two sidestick controllers that are attached to the front fork via a pair or linkage bars. To turn right, you either pull back on the right stick or push forward on the left. 

If you’re carrying a large load on the back of the Penninger you can move both the seat and the bottom bracket forward, bringing your entire center of gravity forward in the process. This feature is also useful to center your weight and prevent any unwanted pitch-up when climbing on the trike.

Brakes: Shimano dual pivot calipers mounted on the rear wheels


Please contact us if you are interested in this trike.


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