ICE Trikes Full Fat – $6,767.70

An orange recumbent trike with black fat tires
ICE Trikes Full Fat

ICE Trikes Full Fat – $6,767.70

An expedition-tough trike, originally designed for record-setting, the Full Fat combines durability, reliability and specialist features for conquering the most challenging terrain. Rough trails, sand, snow, and mud; if you pedal, it’ll take you there.

A high cruciform and three 26” wheels gives excellent ground clearance over rugged terrain. Large volume, low pressure tires provide float and traction over soft terrain and bumpy trails. Ideal for going off the beaten track and exploring where other trikes simply dare not ride.

The Full Fat is capable of carrying all your equipment for your cycling adventure. Mounting points make it easy to fit ICE custom bike racks to the trike.

Check out all the tech specs of the Full Fat here.

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