Used Trident Trikes Stowaway 2 – $1400

Used (Consignment) Trident Trikes Stowaway II:  $1400

The Stowaway II is a High Spec Model with 30 Speeds (3 x 10).

This model Folds! It also features indirect steering with crossbars under the frame.

 Shifting is done with Bar End Shifters. The Crankset is a High End Forged Crankset with CNC Machined Rings, and an Integrated External Bearing  Bottom Bracket.  This Stowaway has 170mm Cranks.  

This is a well-loved trike in great condition and is waiting for its next rider to take it home.

Please contact us if you are interested in this trike.


Stowaway 2 Specs

Cranks Derailleurs Shifter Cassette Front hubs Chain Rims Spokes Tires Brakes Brake Levers
52/42/30 Forged w/
CNC Chainrings,
Integrated Bottom Bracket 170mm Crank Arms
Microshift Marvo XE CNC Rear/ Microshift Front Bar End
11-36 10spd
Custom CNC Alloy Disc Hubs KMC 10.93 Double Wall Alloy Stainless 14g Schwalbe Trykers 20 x 1.50 Avid BB7
Disc Brakes (2)
Promax w/ Lock
DIMENSIONS                 EXTRAS  
Track Width Wheelbase Average Length (Varies) Seat angle Weight Rider weight limit Gear Inches X-Seam
Rear Rack, Mirror, Lights
(F & R) Fenders
(F & R)
31.5″ (80cm) 35.3″ (90cm) 44.5″ (1130 mm) 72 3”
38-45 degrees 38.8 LBS (17.6 KG) 275 Lbs 15.6”-92.1” 34 1/4″ to 45 3/8″ OPTION Alloyluded

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