TerraTrike Rover Tandem

If you already own a Rover and would like to convert it to a tandem, here are the prices:

Rover Tandem Attachment: $1099, Rover Tandem Attachment IPS $1399

The TerraTrike Rover Tandem is a recumbent trike built for two.

As of January 2020 the TerraTrike Rover has been discontinued. However, we have access to a used TerraTrike Rover in excellent condition for $1,100. Therefore, we have the capability to assemble one Tandem TerraTrike Rover using this used rover with a tandem attachment.

The TerraTrike Rover Tandem is a safe and easy way to enjoy riding with a loved one or friend because unlike an upright, two-wheel tandem,  the trike is balanced and the seating offers a neutral body position. The high seat and generous weight capacity of this tandem make it accessible and comfortable. The person in the front, or captain, steers, brakes, and shifts. The person in the back, the stoker, pedals.

The Rover Tandem is a life changer for many couples who want to get out and ride together, as well as parents or relatives of people with adaptive needs.

Hundreds of people at our cycling  programs are able to cycle successfully, whether they are recovering from a stroke or brain injury to people with autism or age-related disabilities.

Common adaptations we use at our programs and we sell are:

Strapped, heel support pedals to ensure someone is able to keep their feet up on the pedals and to maintain cadence with out the risk of dropping a foot down while underway and therefore sustaining injury.

Hase calf support pedal. This is a solution that helps person keep their knees from crossing the center line of one’s body and knocking together.

Crank arm shorteners. Essentially this reduces the circumference that the foot travels. Good for shorter riders, those with a wide midsection or any reason one would prefer to bend their knees less.

Hase pendulum pedal. This is a solution for someone recovering from knee surgery and has limited range of motion in knees.

TerraTrike Wide seat frame. For larger riders.

Dual Drive (linked) or Independent Pedaling System (IPS)

The Rover Tandem comes standard with dual drive–the chain is linked, so both riders pedal at the same cadence. This setup is ideal for the rear rider who needs help establishing and maintaining cadence. For example, someone who needs help with coordination and motivation to continually pedal and who might otherwise not pedal.

There is an Independent Pedaling System (IPS) option available. The benefits of IPS are that both riders can pedal at their own cadence. This is well suited for riders of differing sizes and strength.

Contact us to set up a test ride and see which one works for you and your riding partner.

Utilizing the frame design of our Rover trike as a platform, the Rover Tandem Attachment can be used to transform a Rover i8 into a tandem and back again. The high seat and generous weight capacity of this tandem make it accessible and comfortable.

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