TerraTrike Rover i8 Tandem w/ IPS: $3,500

TerraTrike Tandem Rover with Independent Pedaling System (IPS) $3,500 YES, in stock now!

This is an incredible ride for two and allows a wide range of people to be able to get out cycling. These are one of our most popular trikes at our programs. They are always booked! The independent pedaling system allows each rider to be pedaling at their own cadence, allowing for a break when needed or different pedaling speeds. This tandem trike has 8 speeds, adjustable seats, steel frame, disc brakes, and direct steering.

From TerraTrike:


TerraTrike tandems are a safe and easy way to enjoy riding with another person. Each of our tandems is designed to meet the needs of different riding styles, and are well suited to accommodate nearly any pair of riders. Rover Tandem Attachment The Rover Tandem is a life changer for many couples who want to get out and ride together, as well as parents or relatives of people with adaptive needs. Utilizing the modular frame design of the Rover, the Rover Tandem Attachment can be used to transform a Rover i8 into a tandem trike. The high seat and generous weight capacity (500 lbs.) of this tandem make it accessible and comfortable.

We can modify the tandem to have a linked pedaling system if the rear rider needs help with pedaling.

For more information visit: https://www.terratrike.com/shop/rover-i8-tandem-w-ips/

Please contact us if you are interested in this bike.

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