Trident Trikes E-Titan 20 -$3,744

electric recumbent trike. color red with black seat. two wheels in front with recumbent seat and one wheel in back.

$3744 This ride is incredibly smooth and with an electric assist that has the option to use a throttle or 6 different levels of pedal assist. The trike has 20″ wheels all around and 9 speeds. This trike folds flat with the capability of the rear wheel folding in as well. There is a weight…

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Trident Trikes Terrain 26 Fat Tire Trike – $1,824 / $2,024

Trident Trikes Terrain 26, 7-Speed, $1824.00 Trident Trikes Terrain 26, 21-Speed, $2024.00 YES, we have a green and a red In Stock now! This is a fun trike great for traveling off the beaten path– dirt roads, sand, beach, woods, grass. The trike has 26″ wheels all around. With the larger wheel circumference, 4″ thick…

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