3 people in wheelchairs are behind the baseline on a tennis court as one serves

New in summer '23: 
Adaptive Pickleball and Tennis

We're building our adaptive tennis and pickleball programs in 3 steps:

This will enable us to purchase 3 tennis wheelchairs for us to use at various racket sport courts throughout the CT River Valley so that wheelchair users and others with mobility concerns will be able to fully participate in pickleball and tennis.

We're almost there!  Click the donate button below to stay up to date on our progress!

Step 2: Build Community

Once we have our tennis chairs, we'll begin offer regular play opportunities for those with and without disaiblities so we can build an integrated, supportive, FUN, community of local tennis and pickleball players.

We'll be seeking fun community-minded folks to join us who love to play and who want to share their love of the game with others.

Step 3: PLAY!

Once we have our tennis chairs and our committed community, it's time to PLAY!

All Out Adventures is seeking grant funding to host open play time and clinics, and will loan/rent our court chairs out for independent use by all who wish to play!

Stay tuned for a schedule!