Catrike eCAT (Electric Assist)

eCAT Villagers, eCAT Dumonts, eCAT 5.5.9s

We have eCAT conversion kits in stock to convert any of our in-stock Catrikes to e-assist or to convert your Catrike to an e-assist.

Go farther, faster and with greater ease aboard an eCAT. At the heart of the eCAT line is the latest in electric assist systems from industry leaders Bosch. The result is a Catrike with the perfect combination of maximum efficiency, comfort and riding enjoyment. The efficient and versatile Active Line Plus electric-assist drive mated to a 1 x 11 drivetrain (11 – 42 cassette / 44 tooth chainring) provides dynamic performance – guaranteeing an authentic riding sensation with minimal pedaling resistance. It delivers active and sporty acceleration even at low cadences, offering powerful assistance as soon as you step on the pedals. In addition, the system’s multi-sensor technology and fast information processing ensure optimum interaction between you and your eCAT.

The Bosch Active Line Plus electric-assist system features four levels of power assistance: Eco – 40%, Tour – 100%, Sport – 180% and Turbo – 270%. Each level also features a maximum drive torque to ensure smooth, gentle acceleration. The Bosch Active Line Plus delivers assistance up to 20 mph and a cadence of 105. Built for derailleur based drivetrains, it features gear shift detection to provide seamless power through the full range of gears.

Please contact us if you are interested in an eCAT trike.

*Due to unexpectedly high freight costs, a pass-thru surcharge is being added by Catrike in addition to the retail price.

eCAT Dumont

MSRP: $6,950 +$175 shipping fee.


MSRP: $5,950 + $175 shipping charge.


MSRP: $5,350 + 175 shipping charge.

eCAT Trail

MSRP: $5,750 + 150 shipping charge.

eCAT Pocket

MSRP: $4,950 + 150 shipping charge.

eCAT Villager

MSRP: $5,350 +150 shipping charge.

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