These are the cycles that we have available for Independent Cycling in Northampton. Be sure to register in advance. 

  •  Tadpole (two wheels in front) Recumbent Trikes:
    • TerraTrike Rover
    • TerraTrike Rambler
    • CatTrike Expedition
    • TerraTrike Cruisers (xs, s, med.)
    • TerraTrike Tour (large)

  • Crank-Forward, semi-recumbent two wheel bikes:
    • Day 6 Bicycle, small frame
    • Day 6 Bicycle, large frame
  • Tandem Recumbent Trikes
    • TerraTrike Tandem Rover
    • TerraTrike Tandem Rover IPS 
    • TerraTrike Tandem Pro 

  • Two-Wheel Tandems
    • Kent 21 Speed Tandem

  • Handcycles:
    • Top End upright handcycle
    • Top End low handcycle (8 speed)

Independent Cycling

Independent Cycling 
Saturdays in Northampton:

May 14 – October 1, 2016
11AM – 3PM
No cycling on Saturdays: June 4, 28 and August 3.

Meet our office located two blocks from the Northampton Rail Trail
All Out Adventures office
214 State St
Northampton, MA 01060 

Borrow an All Out Adventures cycle and ride on the Northampton Rail Trail! Our staff person will provide the cycle that you need and assist in fitting it to you.  Otherwise, you will be on your own. To participate, you will need to independently or with the assistance of a companion:
  • Transfer on and off the cycle
  • Consistently follow the rules of trail (stay to the right, stop at all street crossings, and notify other trail users when passing)
  • Call the program cell phone in case of mechanical difficulty.
  • You can reserve a cycle for one to four hours based on availability.
  • Advance registration strongly recommended. 
$5/day. Donations most welcome!  
Your financial support - through donations, the Kayak-a-thon, and the Consignment Sale - is allowing us to offer this program to people with disabilities and our family and friends, though we do not have any specific grant funding for it.  Thank you!

What to bring:
Wear closed-toed shoes like sneakers. Bring a backpack with a water bottle, salty or sweet snack, and cell phone if you have one. Properly-fitted helmets required. We provide them or you are welcome to bring your own.   

Please call or email All Out Adventures for more information and to register: 413-584-2052 or

In case of inclement weather, call our 
office number before you leave home for a recorded message about program status.